Content Authoring for Moodle


This is a hands on course aimed at teachers already fluent and comfortable with using the Moodle Platform for learning. We believe that designing learning is not about technology but about pedagogy. The online learning environment is different – opening new opportunities but also closing some that came with the physical classroom. In this course, we will explore in details how an LMS like Moodle, if used effectively can change the learning culture of your students. We will discuss some of the new content authoring tools that make learning participatory and collaborative. You will learn to use some of the tools to build your course.

Completing the Course will help you:

  • Understand online pedagogy
  • Understand the dynamics of online learning on a platform like Moodle
  • Become a producer of your own content.

Who is this Course for? 

This course is for advanced users of Moodle, fluent with the features of the platform. The course is targeted at the teacher who understands the potential of the online world to radically transform teaching and learning and is looking for ways to do this.


Lesson 1 - Understanding Online Pedagogy

This module will introduce you to some basic concepts, principle and ideas of online pedagogy. Without a clear understanding of these, you will not be able to use a platform like Moodle effectively.

Lesson 2 - Exploring the world of Video

In this module, we will explore the medium of video and how you can use it to make your Moodle courses interactive. A range of ideas will be shared – screen casting to green screen videos. Assignments will be given for you to practise and create.

Videos + Assignments + Discussion Forum

Lesson 3 - Organising your Pages, Quizzes and Assignments

In this module, you will be given tips on how to better organise your Pages, Quizzes and Assignments in your moodle course. 
Videos+ Assignments

Lesson 4 - Using Lesson, Book, and Glossary effectively

Some of the features of Moodle like Book, Lesson and Glossary have powerful and interactive elements which are often not used. In this section, we will demonstrate the best uses of these resources.
Video + Assignments 

lesson 5 - Introduction to plugins

Besides the core features of Moodle, there is a global community building hundreds of plugins that could be of use to you. In this module, we will highlight and demonstrate some of the popular and useful plugins. 

Videos + Links + Discussions

Lesson 6 - Building interactives

The tools to build interactivity are today highly user friendly. In this module, you will learn how to create interesting interactives.  







Advanced – Comfortable with Moodle 


15-20 Hours

This Course is developed and maintained by Nomad’s pedagogy team, well versed with online teaching, content authoring and effective use of Moodle.  The course discusses,  demonstrates and curates the latest tools best suited for e-learning. 

Contribution Rs. 2000