Begin Your Moodle Journey

Course 1

Introduction to moodle

This course is for anyone interested in understanding what Moodle is and how it can be used in teaching and learning. It will give you an overview of the various features and tools.

Introduction to Moodle - FREE COURSE

5 hours
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Course 2

Moodle for Teachers (Basic)

The course will enable a teacher to set up a course and design its activities and navigation by exploring some of the core resources that Moodle offers. At the end of the course, you will be able to digitise your lessons, as well as add assessments and grading.

Moodle for Teachers (Basic) Rs 300

9 hours - Not Time Bound
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Course 3

Content Authoring For Moodle (Advanced)

The course is targeted at teachers who have been using Moodle for a while now and want to improve the look and feel of their courses. In this course, teachers will upgrade their skills to create interactive audio, video and visual content.

Content Authoring For Moodle (Advanced) (Paid)

15-20 Hours (not time bound)
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Course 4

Manage your Moodle Site (Admin Basics)

The Basic Administrator's Course will provide you an overview of Site Administration and its interface in your Moodle site. Important features of how to manage your users, organise and categorise your courses and plugins will be shown.

Manage your Moodle Site - FREE

9 hours - Not time bound
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Course 5

Manage your Moodle Site (Admin Advanced)

In this course, you will explore how to track learner progress and activity, back up, restore and import courses, pull logs, reports and more.

Manage your Moodle Site (Admin Advanced)

15 hours - Not time bound
Launching Soon

Course 6

Moodle for Primary Education - Do's and Don'ts

For learners at a Primary level, course creators need to build a screen that is inviting and interactive. Text driven learning is outdated. In this course, teachers will learn about best practises for developing moodle courses for young ones.

Using Moodle for Primary Education

8 Hours (Not time bound)
Launching Soon

Nomad isĀ  deeply committed to the philosophy of open source. We don’t only “do” open source. We stand up for it. We oppose the control of knowledge and believe it must be free like the air we breathe.

All are online training and courses are built around Open Educational Resources (OER’s) whether it is the tools we recommend or content we suggest. Lessons and Videos are available in the public domain for you as educators to adapt, remix and reuse.