Moodle for Teachers (Basics)


This is a hands-on course aimed at teachers who are at the beginning of their journey in Moodle. In this course, you will create sequences of powerful activities to engage students in active collaborative learning. Learning how to structure your course and identify appropriate tools is the starting point of building a good course. Teachers will learn to create and build one course using several of the interactive features of Moodle. You will also learn to grade and create assignments for your learners.

Completing this course will help you:

  • Learn to structure your own content.
  • Build a course on Moodle.
  • Identify and use the correct digital tools to make a course engaging.
  • Understand how grading and assessments can be built into your course.

Who is this Course for? 

Teachers, educators, coaches who are in the beginning of their journey of building and offering their courses online. You may already have a Moodle site at your school or organisation and now want to start populating your course. You could also be considering launching your own online courses and wish to use the Moodle platform


Lesson 1 Setting up your own course

Having a clear set of objectives and learning outcomes iis important to setting up any course. In this lesson, you will be provided with course templates that will help you set up and structure your course. You will select a course that you want to build. You will then learn how to use the resources of Moodle to present this to your learners.

Video  + Activities

LESSON 2 Overview of activities and resource

In this lesson you will get an overview of many of the important digital tools to build a collaborative learning environment. You will spend time to critically assess and understand how and where these can be used.

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Lesson 3 Understanding and Creating Resources

In this lesson you will select some of the tools that you need for your course and learn how to build them. There will be tips and tools on improving and and creating these.

Video + Forum Discussions + Activities

Lesson 4 Lesson 4 - Assessments and Grading

In this section, you will get an overview of the kinds of grading and assessments options that you have in a Moodle course. You will also learn to add the grades to the activities created by you.  The section will  introduce to kinds of analytics that Moodle course generate and how you can use these for assessments.

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Lesson 5 - Effective Use of Moodle for Teachers

Very often teachers only  put up their text books as pdf files, followed by a quiz or a forum discussion. For students to wade through texts, without assistance can be daunting. In this section we will discuss the effectively use of Moodle by looking at some case studies.

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9 Hours


Rs. 300