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Invoice Number INV-0014
Invoice Date September 7, 2020
Total Due Rs-6,237.00
3DI School

3DI Institute DevkotaSadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Dear Sheetal,

Following our detailed examination of your current Moodle instance available at, we are glad to offer our services to migrate your instance to dedicated cloud infrastructure. It would be useful here to understand the finer details of the project which are listed below:

  • Given the vulnerabilities and corruption of your current site, it is not possible to undertake a block transfer of the instance. We will follow the manual process in which we will first create a moodle instance on a scalable cloud instance and then your team and our team together will import the data manually to ensure that no corrupt strings or other vulnerability get into the new server. While we undertake the operation, your current site will continue to function as it is.
  • As per the discussion with you, we have agreed on the subdomain The new site will be available on this domain.
  • As per our discussion, we will quote a monthly subscription rate. You will pay us the subscription for the first three months in advance. You will pay the remaining 9 monthly subscriptions between the 1st and 10th of every month.
  • Our continuous support for the period of subscription would include regular server maintenance, basic configuration, backups, and regular security updates as mandated by the Moodle Headquarter
  • Please note that the subscription charges are for the maximum of 1000 users. You will be at liberty to upscale the infrastructure anytime during the subscription period for an additional cost to accommodate more users.
  • Free SSL / TLS session security (HTTPS)
  • Free Migration and Integration
Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
3 Monthly Subscription for Moodle Instance

A cloud-based dedicated moodle instance, fully managed by Nomad, the official Moodle Partner, for 1000 users

Sub Total Rs34,650.00
Tax Rs0.00
Paid -Rs40,887.00
Total Due Rs-6,237.00

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