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Invoice Number INV-0024
Invoice Date December 12, 2020
Total Due AUD14,800.00
Grant Thornton Abdulaal

12th Floor, Al Nakheel Tower,
P.O. Box 11175, Seef District,
Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dear Jatin,

I, on behalf of my team, thank you for considering Nomad for the project.

Following a lengthy meeting with you online and even lengthier internal deliberation, we have come to the following conclusion.

1. Given the feature requirements of the project, we have zeroed down on Moodle Workplace framework. It would be the best solution in terms of functionality, and ease of use.

2.  We would host the instance with cloud infrastructure managed by the Moodle headquarters and the engineering team that is the original creator of Moodle Workplace. Considering that you may not have more than concurrent 500 registered users in the initial phase, creating a dedicated instance is neither viable nor warranted. In addition, the Moodle headquarters provided cloud infrastructure would give you the required reliability and robustness.

3. The Nomad team will provide one-time customisation support and three online training session to your team free of charge.

Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Annual subscription for Moodle Workspace Hosting

Up to 500 registered users
Unlimited disk and bandwidth
Up to 3 tenants
Up to 20 custom reports

Sub Total AUD14,800.00
Tax AUD0.00
Total Due AUD14,800.00

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