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Invoice Number INV-0032
Invoice Date December 12, 2020
Total Due $715.00

Hosting, Installation of Moodle LMS along with Dedicated BBB Server

  • Annual Moodle LMS hosting for 100 users
  • Customization and Integration of Microsoft Office 365 for single sign on+ Calendar sync
  • Monthly hosting of Small Dedicated Big Blue Button Server
  • Per Minute Charges for Live Class Recording services by Nomad, including uploading to Moodle/drive - $0.10 per minute ($6 per hour)
Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Annual Charges for Hosting, Installation and Configuration of Moodle LMS for 100 users

Nomad to install the latest version of Moodle LMS, with basic UI, UX Configuration for 100 users

1 Customisation and Integration of Microsoft Office 365 for single sign on+ Calendar sync with Moodle LMS

Nomad will customise and integrate Office 365 into the Moodle LMS for single sign on of students and faculty as well as sync the Office 365 Calendar with Moodle

1 Monthly Hosting Charges for a Small Dedicated BBB Server

Nomad to provide a test server for Live Class hosted on the Big Blue Button

Sub Total $715.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $715.00

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