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Invoice Number INV-0030
Invoice Date December 12, 2020
Total Due Rs116,407.00
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital

College Address:
S.No. 49/1, Narhe,
Off Mumbai - Pune Bypass,
Pune - 411 041.


  • Dedicated Moodle Server for SKNMCGH for 1000 users. Basic Configuration of login page and look of LMS
  • Configuration of following features
    • User Profile to include all the college requirements of Roll No, Semester, etc. College to provide details in given template. Template to be uploaded by Nomad.
    • Overarching Category/Departments and Course structure to be created.
    • Attendance Module to be configured and customised.
    • Scheduler Plugin for Mentor-Mentee Interactions to be configured and customised.
    • Parent Role to be created and customised.
    • ZOOM integration for Live Class.
    • 2 Trainings to HOD & staff on creating and uploading courses, using calendar, quizzes, assignments to incorporate their teaching into LMS.

Note: The pricing for the customisation of features and plugins (Attendance, Parent role) is being offered as a package. In case of elimination of any feature, pricing will be revised.

Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
3 Recurring Monthly Charges for Hosting Moodle LMS for 1000 users

Monthly Hosting charges for hosting and maintaining a Moodle LMS for 1000 users. First 3 months are binding, post that monthly payment on 10th of every month. Moodle LMS will be hosted on

1 Customisation of Key functionalities of LMS - User Profile+Category, Course Structure

Nomad will customise the Student Profile Database as required by the institution and will develop a template to be filled in by the institution. Uploading of student details to be done by Nomad. Nomad will also create the macro structure of the Categories/Departments and courses being offered by the Institution

1 Customisation of Key functionalities of LMS - Attendance Plugin

Nomad to configure and install the Attendance Plugin to be used across courses to suit the needs of the institution.

1 Customisation of Key functionalities of LMS - Parent Role

Moodle LMS has a feature of creating a parent role. Nomad to customise this feature for the institution and provide parent access to student progress

1 Customisation of Key functionalities of LM - Scheduler Plugin for Mentor-Mentee Meetings

In order to create mentor-mentee meetings, Nomad will customise the Scheduler plugin for use by the Departments to host personal interactions with students.

1 Free Zoom Integration for Live Class

Zoom to be integrated with Moodle LMS for Live Class functionality.

2 Training and Orientation to HOD's to begin using the Moodle LMS for delivering their teaching content

Nomad will host two full day hands on trainings (10.30- 1pm, 2 pm to 4pm) for the core team of Doctors and teachers so that they can begin the effective use of Moodle. This is a Discounted price.

Sub Total Rs98,650.00
Tax Rs17,757.00
Total Due Rs116,407.00

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