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Invoice Date September 22, 2020
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Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research and Development

IBRAD Campus:Prafulla Kanan, Kestopur (JL-17),
VIP Road, Kolkata – 700 101
Phone: 66210320/310, 2711-6330, 9903873762, 9836363701


Nomad will conduct a 1 day training for the team at IBRAD to become effective users of the LMS platform Moodle. The training will provide an overview of the core Moodle features as well as demonstrate effective course creation and use of content authoring tools.  The details are as follows:

10.30-11.00 Introduction to Moodle and demonstration of how feature rich and engaging a Moodle site can be. Showcasing interesting moodle courses of Nomad’s client sites.

11.15 – 12.30  Customise the look and feel of your site. Add Users, Categories and Courses

2-2.30 Course Creation (activities and resources available in Moodle)  -  Adding a Page, Book, h5p, Forum

2.30 – 3 .00  Creating Quizzes and Assignments

3 – 3.30   Working with the Gradebook, marking and assignments

3.30- 4   Discussion and Feedback

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1 Moodle LMS One Day Training

To provide an over view of the features as well as give training on how course creators can create the content in the IBRAD Moodle LMS.

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Total Due Rs10,000.00

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