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Quote Number QUO-16
Quote Date September 21, 2020
Total Rs96,917.00


Project: Installation, Customisation of Moodle LMS & Courseware Development

  • Nomad to host, customise and configure the latest version of Moodle LMS for 100 users
  • Nomad to provide shared Video Conferencing Server hosted on Big Blue Button for occasional use (live class, plus large webinar)
  • No recordings of Live sessions will be available on shared server. But desktop recording can be done.
  • Nomad to build a Demo Course for Clinifluent with content provided by them
  • This will include delivery of the Learning Material (ppt translated to video with voice over)
  • Creation of interactive content (Videos with MCQ pop ups), quiz, assignment and other visually engaging content.
Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Annual Charges for Hosting, Installation and Configuration of Moodle for 100 users

Nomad to install the Moodle LMS with basic UI, UX Configuration on study.clinifluent.com (for example) for 100 users.

1 Monthly Charges for shared Video-conferencing Server for lIve class

Nomad to integrate the Big Blue Button video conferencing server with the Moodle LMS for live sessions to be held (1-2 monthly) and 1 large webinar.

1 Courseware - Cost of Video production of 1 presentation with voiceover, signature tune and branding

Nomad to create visually and technically appealing video with presentation given by you. The video will add professional voice over, background score as well as a signature (branding) of Clinifluent at the start and end of video

1 Course Structure, layout and Content Creation of 1 Course

Nomad will organise 1 Demo course based on objectives and content provided by Clinifluent. The Course will include the Video, additional interactive content (slide show with MCQ, etc) a quiz and assignments as needed

Sub Total Rs96,917.00
Tax Rs0.00
Total Rs96,917.00

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