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Quote Number QUO-11
Quote Date September 14, 2020
Total Rs153,150.00
Jasmin Acharya


  • Annual Hosting, Installation, Configuration and Basic Customisation of Moodle LMS (100 users)
  • Monthly Charges for setting up and managing the Big Blue Button Video Conferencing Server for Live classes (100 users)
  • Note - For the Live Classes - Actual maximum concurrent users (meaning number of users using the service at one time) may vary based on your bandwidth usage as well as network performance on the client-side. To reach the maximum number of concurrent users minimize the number of users using webcams and screen-sharing. Too many individuals with webcams on will limit the maximum number of concurrent users and necessitate moving to a more expensive plan. Poor internet connections or even poor routes from your users may affect performance. Please properly test our services with your work load before signing up, contact us for more information.
Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Annual Hosting charges for Installation, configuration and basic customisation of Moodle LMS (100 users)

Nomad will set up, install and configure latest version of Moodle LMS for 100 users. Basic Configuration included. Domain booking can also be done, or hosting on clients booked domain.

12 Monthly Charges for Dedicated Big Blue Button Server (for Online Live classes for 100 users)

Nomad will provide a Dedicated Server for Live Virtual Class for 100 users based on the Big Blue Button Framework.

Sub Total Rs153,150.00
CGST 9% +SGST 9% Rs23,361.86
Total Rs153,150.00

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