Welcome to the world of Open Source

We are expanding out team. Are you game?

Who we are

Nomad is an Open Source education company leveraging technology to provide equal access to quality education to underserved children and adults. It is essentially an online organisation not restricted to any physical location and does not expect its team member to report to a physical office. We have a well-developed infrastructure to facilitate work from anywhere.

Nomad is a non-hierarchical organisation. We all work together as a team, learning from each other and collectively pushing the organisation towards its goals. If you are self-motivated and enjoy the freedom to learn, explore and experiment, Nomad is the place for you.

Current Opportunities


What is the job?

You will be responsible for nurturing leads and managing projects. Individuals, schools, colleges, university and even corporate approach us to help them with Learning Management System, Digital Content Authoring or consultancy on e-learning. You will assist them in making the right technology choice for their e-learning projects, expose them to the world of Open Source. A typical day on the job may include the following tasks:

  • Connect and followup on leads given to you
  • Conduct online meetings with prospective clients and understand their requirements.
  • Give them a demonstration of LMS capabilities.
  • Discuss various use case scenarios.
  • Working with the technical team to get the clients LMS up and running.
  • Training clients on common administrative tasks

Where do I need to be?

You don’t need to be in any physical office. You may live and work from any place provided there is a reliable electricity and internet connectivity plus back-up facility for both. The internet connectivity should be minimum 150 MBPS for a shared line and 15 MBPS if it is dedicated connectivity.

What Qualifications do I need?

At Nomad we don’t judge people by their qualifications. To check the suitability, we may give you a small task to complete.

What skills do I need?

You should be technologically inclined and politically tuned to the philosophy of Open Source. You should demonstrate ability to teach yourself a new software applications. You are not expected to make an application but  should be able to use them efficiently. You should also have an ability to train others as well. Past experience of working with Moodle or any other Learning Management Systems, content authoring and graphic design skills wold be of great use.

What are the timings?

The organisation is driven by the task at hand and not the clock. Officially we work five days a week.

How much do you pay?

For this post we have budgeted Rs 300000 to Rs 600000 CTC per annum, depending on your skills and experience, as a base salary. In addition we offer commission on projects.

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