Educational Content Authoring

The efficacy of all Learning Management System starts and ends with the content. Here are the different types of video formats that can be used in educational video production. If you are an instructor and passionate about making your videos but not sure how to, talk to us and we will put together a small course on educational video making for you. Or simply hand over the task of making videos to the Nomad’s sister concern Tamarind Tree Studio and we will do the job to your satisfaction

Documentary Style

This is a documentary style educational video normally used in many educational resources. This style, however, is less effective with young children and even those with detracted mind.

This style is still being used for delivering simple instruction with a considerable ease of making. This style is most suitable if you are a camera person yourself or have an access to one.


This style of video making has gained tremendous popularity in the recent past. This format is being used extensively while teaching a, software or how to play a computer game. The advantage of this style is that you don’t need to step out of your house to make it. The whole operation is done on your laptop. It is quick and the most cost effective. In this particular example the use of 3D skeleton has given a new dimension to pedagogy. If this style appeals you and if you need any help, get in touch with us. We can take you through the whole process or simply make one for you.


This type of video is used to serve two purposes. One is to teach the concept and the second is to teach  students how to use a computer simulation that can strengthen their understanding of a concept. As a teacher it is important that you are comfortable with desktop video making, but you should also be fluent in the use of simulation.

This method is proven to be very effective in making teaching video with tools like Geogebra or PHET


In the modern days making greenscreen videos for education is not as difficult as you probably think. You just need to pick up a few key skills related to chroma keying and lighting and you are ready to create magic. We at Nomad will be happy to teach you a trick or two to give wings to your educational creativity.

Remember, youngsters today are exposed to very high level of visuals on their screen. Educators would use non-stimulating visuals only to take young minds away from Education


If you are designing content for very young children, a straight delivery may not work very well. At the same time badly made 2D animation could also backfire badly. Most 2D animation in the educational context are badly made, as a good 2d animation continues to be an expensive affair. We have found that a talking puppet can be produced in a cost effective manner and can be very effective with young children.

We would love to work with you to bring a custom puppet character to life who could become your mascot.


Powerful and engaging medium to communicate your message effectively to learners, whiteboard animation is fun, different and a visual treat.  The Nomad team enjoys working with this dynamic medium that is crisp, clear and appealing. 

We would be happy to customise a solution for your learners and their needs.