Moodle Services

Moodle Educators Certificate

Nomad helps you become a qualified Moodle Instructor and be a part of the future of education.

Hosting &

We provide hosting solutions to fit your requirements and budget and configure your learning space to suit your style.


Make your online courses engaging and attractive with Nomad's pedagogy expertise and experience.

Content Authoring

Nomad helps you introducing 3D objects and augmented realities in your online teaching tools.


Rely on Nomad to embed the Virtual Classroom framework in your online courses.

IP Radio

Set up your own educational radio on the internet to engage students with bandwidth issues.

Why Moodle ?

  • Built on the open source framework
  • Guided by the social constructionist philosophy
  • Made up of modular ‘blocks’ & hundreds of plugins
  • Highly customizable for personal learning
  • Supported by a global developer community
  • Smart Phone Friendly
  • 100 million users worldwide

Who is it for ?

For Rural Schools

Nomad enjoys working with rural schools against all odds…poor electricity, no reliable internet connections, limited computer resources, semi-skilled teachers… you name it. Our locally hosted server solutions have transformed schools to be future ready delivering quality education to children they deserve. 

For Skill Development Initiatives

All developing countries have prioritized the task of providing necessary skills to its young population to grow up as productive citizen. The task entails delivering productive skills beyond the scope of formal education. These trainees, already burdened with earning livelihood, needs flexible learning environment and hence Moodle fits the bill.

Fully Managed Moodle Hosting Plans on Cloud Servers

WPCS 1.1.6
Plan Concurrent Users Diskspace Quarterly Subscription Pay Annual Subscription Pay Test Ride Support
MO-50 50
10 GB $ 64
Pay $ 259 Pay Acess to Demo Site Ticket
MO-100 100 20 GB $ 105 Pay $ 419 Pay Access to Demo Site
MO-200 200 40 GB $ 140 Pay
$ 558 Pay Access to Demo Site Ticket
MO-500 500 60 GB $ 279 Pay $ 1,117 Pay Access to Demo Site Ticket
MO-1000 1000 120 GB $ 529
Pay $ 2,114 Pay Access to Demo Site Ticket
MO-2000 2000 180GB $ 778 Pay $ 3,111 Pay Access to Demo Site Ticket
MO-3000 3000 240GB $ 1,556
Pay $ 6,223 Pay Access to Demo Site Ticket
MO-4000 4000 300 GB $ 2,164 Pay
$ 8,656 Pay Access to Demo Site Ticket


  • Moodle LTS version installation with security fixes and optimisation
  • A separate volume for Moodle data
  • Weekly comprehensive back-up
  • Upgrades as and when needed
  • Theme Installation
  • Basic Customisation of UI and UX. Logo, Landing page, Log-in page customisation
  • Weekly full site backup
  • Personalised domain/sub-domains
  • SSL / TLS session security (HTTPS) with sub-domains
  • All plans are expected to have at least 30 per cent RAM and CPU usage redundancy for consistance performance
  • Technical support
Any other services , like special theme customization, course creation, educational video or interactive content creation will be billed on an hourly basis with a transparent time tracking system.

If you are associated with a bigger school, university,  educational institution or corporate and looking for a large scale deployment of Moodle to cover thousands of students across campuses get in touch with us to customise a solution together